• Now this revolutionary product is available for gardens of all sizes. Guard and Grow reflective film is an ideal solution to protect your raised garden bed or home gardens. Here's how it works.

    how it works

    The UV wavelengths reflected by Guard and Grow reflective mulch confuse and repel even the most resilient pests including thrips, aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, cucumber Beetles and other virus carrying insects. When faced with Guard and Grow film, insects choose other locations to feed and lay their eggs.

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    Strawberry plant infested with aphids.

    Aphids are among the most destructive pests to threaten fruit and vegetable crops. These resilient insects not only cause physical damage to plants, they also spread diseases including cucumber mosaic virus, watermelon mosaic virus, and zucchini mosaic virus. UV reflective mulch has been proven to outperform other types of plastic and organic mulch in reducing aphid populations.

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